After School Game Changer

Practitioner Training: Call for Proposals
16 May 2017


The After School Game Changer (AS GC) is one of seven priority projects of the Western Cape Provincial Government. It focuses on increasing the opportunities for youth by providing quality After School Programmes for learners in no-and low-fee schools. This includes academic support, sport, arts and life skills programmes. Through these programmes the initiative aims to reignite the flame of learning, improve educational outcomes, reduce school dropout and improve young people’s chances of becoming engaged and productive citizens.

There are over 900 After School Sites in the Western Cape operated by a number of partners: Government has a number of programmes run internally by departments; Government funds NGOs to deliver programmes; and NGOs self-fund to deliver programmes.

Despite the scale of the sector, the sector remains largely uncoordinated. There are no agreed norms and standard and no recognised generic professional training for practitioners in the field. This opens up many opportunities for increased communication and new partnerships.

Objective of the assignment

To work with the After School Game Changer team in Government, the Community Chest, and Rutgers University to develop a part-time course for After School Practitioners that equips them to design and execute quality programmes against an agreed set of norms and standards while contributing toward the recognition and professionalisation of the sector.

Target audience

Over 1 000 After School Practitioners working in After School Programmes in the Western Cape including:

  • 600 EPWP (or equivalent level) and Western Cape Government staff working in government run After School Programmes
  • Staff in the 200+ NGOs running After School Programmes
  • Volunteers working in After School Programmes

The course will be offered every year to a cohort of 80 - 100 practitioners.