Practitioner Training: Call for Proposals

19 May 2017

Important Updates to The After School Game Changer Practitioner Training:

Call for Proposals issued on the 16 May 2017

1. Closing Date

Please note that the closing date has been extended from the previously announced Friday 26 May 2017 to Friday 2 June 2017.

2. Clarifying Questions



Must all the material must be ready by August 2017, to begin training in September 2017 or must only Module 1 must be ready?
Answer: The framework and first module must be ready for the beginning of the course with the rest to follow as those modules are required.

The Call for Proposals says that the detailed curriculum is to be developed by a working group – who is this working group?
Answer: The Working Group is the Community Chest, Rutgers University and the AS GC team in the Western Cape Government. As outlined in the CFP, fortnightly meetings will be scheduled with the Service Provider, with the intention that the Service Provider is responsible for moving things forward between these engagements.


Who among the existing partners will be responsible for signing off of the materials?
Answer: As primary seed funders, the Chief Director: AS GC Jacqui Boulle will provide final sign off. The other two partners provide specific supporting roles to the finalisation and roll-out of this processes as detailed under 5 in the “Call For Proposals”.


There seem to be nine/ ten suggested modules for design and development. What should each module consist of? For example should there be:
a. A Participant Manual (content, examples, tasks/activities, etc.);
b. A Resource file/folder;
c. Facilitator Guides (i.e. for trainers who will lead the residential modules every quarter over 18 months;
d. Assessment Guides (for continuous assessment/portfolio, summative and integrated assessment.
Answer: Without being prescriptive as to final products, the mentioned items are some of the anticipated deliverables. However, the facilitator document would not need to be an upfront deliverable – this would only be necessary during further rollout of the course.


Given the length of the course, is it correct to estimate that a Participant Manual would be between 80 -100 pages (depending on the extent of the content)?
Answer: Please note that this group of students will generally not have taken part in tertiary study previously and thus course should be aimed at the student with a matric (NQF Level 4) qualification with a focus on practical training. The course does not need to consist of an over-supply of manuals and documentation.


Is there a separate budget for design, layout, typesetting, artwork and printing and should only a master copy of the material be delivered? Is the prescribed format in which the material must be delivered?
Answer: The Western Cape Government will manage the process of design, layout etc. There is no prescribed format for delivery.


We are unclear about the final module which requires specific training - what level would the literacy, numeracy, computer skills, etc. be of the participants?
Answer: The participants will be Matric level (NQF Level 4). For this module it will require the Working Group to bring in a network of partners who are experts in the field of (a) academic and eLearning, (b) art and culture, (c) sport and recreation and (d) life skills and career awareness.


Is the material to be pitched at NQF level 6 or 7 and would it not make more sense to initially design a programme at the post-school level (Level 5), given that a programme of this nature has not been put in place before?
Answer: As the students will have matric (NQF Level 4), NQF level 5 is the right level to pitch at.


Are there any existing material that can be adapted? Will other content be supplied by the Working Group, or must the development team research and source the actual content?
Answer: There is already a lot of content and resources available – so the job of the Service Provider would be to consolidate what exists but also to find those gaps.


Who will train facilitators to use the material? Will there be a pilot phase?
Answer: The first course will be a pilot – and the Service Provider who join the process will provide/ train facilitators who joins the Working Group themselves.


Is everything only going to be in print at this point? Or, would facilitators, for example, also need PowerPoint Presentations and other teaching and learning resources?
Answer: Whatever resources are required to facilitate the different modules should be employed – this can be worked out as the modules proceed.


It is important to note that it is incorrect to interpret this “Call For Proposals” as “the development of a curriculum and handing over of a finished product.” What is envisioned is the brining on board of a Service Provider who has the skills to design, deliver and host this course in an on-going co-development relationship with the Working Group.

It is also important to note that this process is not working off a blank slate. There is a lot of existing material and the Service Provider will undergo a process of researching the existing space, consolidating and integrating materials and plugging gaps etc. As part of this relationship, it is envisioned that the Service Provider brings their own networks and content to their relationship with the Working Group.

Issued for and on behalf of the After School Game Changer Working Group and in Response to The After School Game Changer: Practitioner Training: Call for Proposals dated 16 May 2017