Innovation Fund FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 I am a teacher/principal of a school and we run after school activities, can my school apply?
I run an after school programme at my home, can I apply?
A1 The Innovation Fund is for organisations registered as an NPO under the provisions of the NPO ACT 1997 – (NPO/NPC/Trust)

Q2 How do I know if my project meets the criteria for this Fund?
A2 Refer to the guidelines in the application form and make sure that your programme matches the objectives of the Fund.

Q3 I am struggling to register on Edu-Collaborate, who can help me?

Contact the portal admin team:

Terence Plato - 021 4836541 -
William Crawford – 021 4838355 -

Q4 Why was my application not successful?
  • In the first call the most common reason was that applicants did not read the application form thoroughly enough to grasp the objectives of the Fund. The application specifies 3 objectives:
    • Expand the cohort of learners benefitting from after school programmes (ASP)
    • And/or improve learner retention in ASP
    • And/or build the culture of extended education
  • The fund is not a vehicle through which projects can apply for core funding for the regular work that they do as an organisation.
  • The project needs to be innovative
  • The project budget cannot be human resource or admin heavy
  • The fund does not pay for assets

Q5 Do I have to keep to the 200 word limit prescribed in certain sections of the application?
A5 As far as possible, YES.  This means that you have to be sure that you capture the essential elements of your response succinctly and straight to the point.  You are allowed to submit additional relevant information as Annexures.  Ensure that any additional information clearly displays the name of the organisation.

Q6 Can I include overhead or operating costs in the budget for this project?
A6 The funds are not for operating or overhead costs, only budget items directly linked to the implementation of innovation can be included in the budget.

Q7 My organisation is registered as a Trust, or my organisation is an NPC so we don’t have an NPO number
A7 Provide a certified copy of your Trust Deed lodged with the Master of the High Court or your NPC registration certificate issued by CIPC.

Q8 As a Trust we do not have an AGM so we have no Annual Report.
A8 Provide your Chairperson’s Report and AFS or the annual reporting commitment specified in your MOI

Q9 Can I only apply online?

We prefer that you apply online.  Please do your best to comply with this.  If you are not able to do so, please contact us and we will send you the digital copy for you to complete and post or hand deliver to our office by the closing date: 01 June 2018
Community Chest WC
Innovation Fund
PO Box 3638              -          82 Bree Street
Cape Town 8000        -          Cape Town 8001

Q10 Who do I contact if I have problems with the online application?
A10 You may contact: 
Joan Daries / Babalwa Katina / Tarryn-Lee Bell
on 021 4871500 OR

Q11 Can I appeal the outcome of the application?
A11 The decisions of the Review Committee are Final.  No appeals will be entertained.

Q12 We applied in the previous round and have been invited to apply again in this round, do we have to complete a new application?
A12 The format of this application has been amended.  Please complete the new application form.

Q13 We submitted all our supporting documents in the first round.  Do we have to do it again?
A13 Yes, please re-submit.

Q14 My previous application was not successful, can I apply again?

If your application meets the criteria set for this project you may apply again.  However, please ensure that you have read and understood the purpose of this fund and that you have met the due diligence requirements that have been set.