The Community Chest’s vision of a country where all individuals and families reach their human potential is based on the fundamentality of access to Health, Education, Income-Generation and Community Development. These 4 key strategic focus areas facilitate social change to inspire a citizenship that is active, engaged and impactful. 


  1. We are an innovative solutions hub for all donor interest.
  2. We are a professional donor investment management team.
  3. We are experts on evaluating, monitoring and reporting of non-profits use of donor funds.
  4. We are experts in vetting non-profits for donor investment.
  5. We are experts in Capacity Building within non-profit leadership.


To improve the lives of all South Africans by mobilising the caring power of communities, business and government to advance the common good. 


The Community Chest envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through access to a world class education, having income stability and by living healthy lives


We espouse the following eight values, which we believe are crucial to achieving transformation:

  • A focus on strategic Initiatives in order to shift from a culture of poverty to a culture of prosperity
  • A clear Intention of our strategy and areas of engagement
  • A focused strategy for our Intervention
  • Purposefully designed strategies to address the ‘Power Versus Influence’ challenge that often strangles development
  • The use of Intelligence in solutions, to address the issues we seek to solve
  • Innovative approaches to donor fund management, which seek to go above and beyond ‘the norm’
  • Quantitative measurement of the Impact of our interventions
  • Integrity when dealing with donors and the community.

These eight values, which we seek to implement in all four of our focus areas, underpin our core objective – to inspire a Nation of Active Citizens.